Day 1 post-op

Fresh out of surgery…

My surgery went well as far as I can tell. Spent the night in the hospital and boy am I glad I did! I don’t think I really gained any real coherence until around midnight. I remember intermittent moments of foggy awareness. The X-Rays of my head, the dry heaves, the lights passing as they wheeled me down the hall to the recovery room, and my wonderful husband kissing my forehead. Aside from that, the night was a blur of dozing, pressure cuff inflation, a needle in the arm, and Tylenol. Lots of Tylenol. 

By 4am, I was feeling more alert and was actually looking forward to eating something. By 5:30am, they brought breakfast and began the discharge routine to kick me out. I can’t describe how happy I was to get that little cup of apple sauce, yougurt, cheese stick, muffin, and tea (or was it coffee??). I devoured the apple sauce and then started on the cheese. Ugh, awful tasting stuff! Switched to the yougurt, but had no idea what flavor I was eating. Strawberry? Cherry? It didn’t taste like either. Everything tasted like it came out of an old tin can. Talk about bummer. I had a horrible time understanding my nurse (she was very soft spoken and had an accent) so when she asked me if I wanted coffee or tea, I said tea, but I wasn’t sure what she brought me. It smelled like coffee, but my tastebuds couldn’t differentiate. So looks like I got the metal-mouth side effect along with my surgery. This should go away with time (hopefully sooner than later).

After my breakfast, the nurse removed the giant pressure bandage from around my head. I can say with certainty that these Drs give no thought to style when they wrap your head. It’s all function. My hair was sticking up every which way. I’m sure I got a few looks as I was wheeled through the halls during our great exodus. 

The 45 min ride home was spent mostly in La La Land. Hubby filled my prescription for pain meds (very important) and by 8:30am we were home. Just in time to see our son before he got on the bus. Unfortunately, I think I may have freaked him out a bit as the incision area started draining so I had blood running down my neck when he saw me. Not cool to an 11 year old I guess. 

I parked myself on the recliner and that’s where I spent my first day home. Watching Netflix, taking pain meds every 4 hours to try and keep the pain under control and worrying if my head is draining more than it should be. A call placed to the Dr assured us that it’s well and normal. The intense neck pain? Well, apparently having your neck bent at a 90 degree angle for 5 hours can cause some discomfort. I am also itchy all over! Whether it’s a side effect of the anesthesia or drugs or simply from sitting in one place to long, I hope it doesn’t last. 

So, as I wrap up day 1 post op, I can’t say I’ve exactly enjoyed this experience. It’s not high on my list of favorite things, but I did survive and hopefully as of November 1, the pain & discomfort will be a distant memory, pale in comparison to the ability to hear sound once again. 


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