Day 2 Post-Op

I’m happy to say that the discharge has pretty much stopped, but the pain is still pretty bad. More ear pain now than neck pain. Actually, it feels very much like I have an ear infection – the pressure and pain is quite similar. I’m still taking pain pills every 4 hours and finding the pain starts hitting around the 3rd hour. I keep hoping I’ll be able to push it to 6 hours, but no go yet. 

Last night was a long night again – awakened at least every hour. I’d look at the clock hoping that more than an hour had passed since I last checked only to see the minutes slowly ticking by. Strange how time seems so much slower in the night when you can’t sleep. Today my face/neck/head seem to be quite swollen. I think I’m going to have a doozy of a bruise on my neck & ear. I’m still itchy all over! Way worse than yesterday. That’s part of the reason I had difficulty sleeping last night, I think. It’s like I have an army of little ants crawling all over my body. Google says that this is apparently a reaction to the anesthetic. Popped a Benadryl to see if that helps with the itchiness, but forgot how much I dislike taking that stuff. Makes me feel like I’m on a cheap trip. Foggy brain all over again. Gonna have to decide which is easier to live with, the itchiness or the foggy brain. 

My whole mouth feels weird, almost numb. Still have the metallic taste so everything tastes the same. It’s even difficult to distinguish textures and temperatures. Been sticking with soft foods; soups, apple sauce, pudding, jello, etc. Made the mistake of trying to eat wheat thins, but the crunching was very painful. I also can’t open my mouth very far, so it’s little bites for the next while. 

I find myself imagining what it’s going to be like when I’m finally activated. I know things won’t sound the way I remember and that I will have to work hard to relearn how to hear, but there is so much promise there, it’s hard not to get carried away. I wonder if the implant will eventually sound better than my hearing aids ever did. One can hope! I will say it’s still creepy when I think of the wires stuck in my head! Creepy, yet miraculous! I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to hear again. 💕


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