Day 3 post-op

Well, they say things usually get worse before they get better, and that seems to be the case with me today. The pain meds I was taking were driving me insane with itchiness so at 4am, I decided I wouldn’t take it anymore. Not a smart move on my part. The itchiness subsided, but having no other good pain meds, I was left with extra strength Tylenol. I was prescribed 650 mg but my pills were 500 mg so this left me a bit shy on my dosage. Hubby was finally able to get a new prescription for Tylenol 3s but only got it around 3:30pm. This left me for most of the day with a sub dosage of extra strength Tylenol to keep the pain at bay. I don’t think I really appreciated the intricacies of pain management. Everyone said stay on top of it for the first few days, even if it doesn’t feel that bad. Now I get it. Once the pain grabs a foothold, it doesn’t like to let go. I’m borderline going out of my mind right now, either the pain or maybe the withdrawal from the other pills, but it’s not a pleasant experience. I’m very impatiently waiting for the two Tylenol 3s to take effect. Hoping I’m able to sleep tonight though. 

With the increased pain, I noticed a corresponding decrease in my attitude. Funny how that works. I found myself getting aggravated at the slightest things. The way my socks felt on my feet, the pressure of the chair on the back of my head. A squirminess that won’t let me sit still. Probably effects of coming off those other drugs. Still my hubby is amazing and answers my every whim. When I couldn’t bear to sit in the recliner any longer, he brought his behemoth rocker for me to lounge in. This is sort of a running joke here because it’s his favorite chair and I always tease him that it’s not so great. Well, that issue is now settled and buried in the back 40. His chair is way better! It may have found a permanent residence in our living room now. 

I managed a brief shower this morning. While I couldn’t wash my hair (oh, how I’d love to) I was able to wash the yucky hospital feeling away. That felt good. I just have another 11 days to go before I can wash my hair. Yikes, that’s really not going to be pretty. The drainage has stopped so at least I don’t have to deal with that. However, I can tell there’s fluid in my ear. When I tip my head slightly towards my implanted ear, it feels like the fluid is going to make its way through my sinuses and come out my eye. Gross, I know, but I never said I would sugar coat my journey for you. The other really great unpleasantry? Constipation and bloating. Been eating tons of fiber, but my system is shut down tighter than Alcatraz. Maybe that’s got something to do with my irritability. Hubby bought me some fiber pills so we’ll see if that gets the show on the road. 

I do try to keep in good spirits through all this. I know that this is all temporary. Like labour, there’s pain and discomfort at the beginning but once you hold that child in your arms, the pain just melts away and is quickly forgotten. I think my activation will be very much like welcoming a little bundle of joy (without the dirty diapers & sleepless nights)! 24 days to activation!

My “oh so pretty” bandage…

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