Day 6 post-op

Day 6 post-op

Last night was the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time. I only woke up twice between midnight & 10am. So I am very thankful for a good night’s sleep. I’m still able to manage on just 1 Tylenol 3 every 4-6 hours and I’m trying to push the time between pills a little further apart. I do still have swelling and a numb feeling around the back/side/top of my head. Guess I’m a real numbskull. Ha!

The bandage over the incision is driving me insane. It’s like a concrete block loosely taped to the side of my head. Most of the adhesive has come free too, so it’s not even really protecting the incision anymore anyway. I think I’ll have hubby call the Dr in the morning to see if we can remove it. I would much rather have a clean bandage put over it anyway. Not sure how a bloody, crusty bandage could be viewed as sanitary after a week! Apparently it’s supposed to stay on until my sutures are removed next week! Gross…

Nasty, crusty bandage.

I want to wash my hair so badly, but it’s imperative that I don’t get the incision area wet. With the amount of hair that I have and the way my head was shaved, I’m not sure how to go about that to ensure nothing gets wet that shouldn’t. So I guess I’ll wait. I gave myself a cornstarch shampoo yesterday. Google says it’s as good as those expensive dry shampoos. I’ve never used either before, so I wouldn’t know. I guess it feels a bit better, but nothing close to a real lather, rinse, repeat. I’m happy to say that things are definitely improving and while I will probably need a few more days of rest, I’m getting there. Every day is one day closer to breaking my silence. So thankful that I have this opportunity. Yes, it hasn’t been a pleasant week, but I would go through it all again to have the ability to hear. 21 days!!


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