Day 7 post-op

My HUGE Frankenstein incision

My bandage finally came off. It was barely hanging on so I had hubby call the surgeon’s office. Guess what!?!? They’re closed until next week!! No joke… And their message said “if this is an emergency, hang up and call 911”. Umm, well… I’m not bleeding profusely, but according to the literature you gave me, this bandage is supposed to stay on for another week. So… What do I do?? Tried calling the local ENT, but he wasn’t in today. At least they had someone to speak to. I really can’t believe that the whole frigging CI program/office is closed for a week and not even a week has passed since they did 2 CI surgeries! Not even a nurse to answer questions or give advice. Unbelievable! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful they got me in for surgery when they did, but wouldn’t it have been prudent to leave someone in charge in case either of their 2 patients needed something? 
We went ahead and pulled the bandage off and I got a good look at my Frankenstein line. It’s way bigger than I expected. Probably about 3 inches long and I’m guessing around 25 stitches. That being said, it looked pretty good. My biggest concern is my hair, it’s long and thick and frankly, very dirty since it hasn’t been washed since before surgery. So in trying to get my hair away from the sutures, my hair caught and pulled on one and it started bleeding. So what went from, “hey, this is cool”, quickly escalated to, “crap, what do we do?!?” Not like it was bleeding profusely, but it was dripping down my neck and after 20 min, hadn’t stopped. 

Now, in between finding out that the office was closed and actually removing the bandage, I took my dilemma to a CI users group on Facebook to ask advice. I figured these guys have all been there so they’d be the ones to ask. The majority all said that there was no way that bandage should still be on there. So of course that prompted me to take it off. I know these guys aren’t Drs or medical professionals, but they have all been through this journey too. Had it not started bleeding again, I probably would have just left it, but then, that would have been easy. 

Asked hubby if he could take me into emerg to see if they could cleanse it and bandage it. Got there and decided quickly that sitting in a room full of people with colds and flu would not be a good idea and anyway, the wait would have been 4-5 hrs for a stupid bandaid! Tried a local clinic, but they don’t accept walk-ins. Finally headed to the pharmacy to buy a bandage and do it ourselves. Amazing, these guys actually cared and helped us pick out what we needed for the job! Headed home with our bag full of goodies. I also shot off an email to my audi in hopes that she might have a suggestion or at least confirm whether or not the thing needed to be bandaged. 

Hubby did his best to carefully cleanse the incision and apply the bandage, but my hair proved to be a major pain. Got the thing semi-covered and mostly sticking so it’ll have to do. Still bleeding a bit after an hour of driving around town, so I’m glad we got the bandages. After all that excitement, I crashed in my lovely recliner and slept for 3 hours! I’m not sure how some people go back to work a week after their surgery. I’m still wiped out. 

In the time that I slept, the audi responded and suggested making an appointment with the same ENT that we tried. Unfortunately, he’ll be in the city tomorrow and not our tiny, rural clinic so that means driving an hour there and then an hour back. Once again, all for a stupid bandaid! I’d rather do that though than end up with an infection so looks like that’s my schedule for tomorrow. Yay…

First week is in the books and 3 more to go until activation. 20 days… Woo hoo!!


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