I grew up hard of hearing (HoH) in a HoH family. My paternal grandmother and Uncle were deaf, my dad was deaf in one ear and profoundly deaf in his other. 2 of my 3 brothers are deaf with CI (one bimodal and one bilateral) and 3 of my 5 cousins are deaf with CIs. 

I have worn hearing aids since the age of 15, starting with in the canal and progressing to BTE (behind the ear) as my  hearing progressively worsened. I have always relied heavily on lip reading which helped immensely when I lost all hearing quite rapidly in my “good” ear June of 2016. Despite the fact that I knew one day I would be deaf, it still hit me pretty hard. 

I started journaling my progress at the request of a friend and then decided to publish it as a blog. So this is a very candid look at my journey to hearing. I won’t be sugar coating anything for you. 

Aside from being deaf with a cochlear implant, I am a happily married wife, and mother of 2. We live in a 28,000 sq foot school that we purchased in 2013 and we operate a business & community centre out of it as well. 

I hope you enjoy my journey and maybe even learn something along the way.